Wide variety of genres & styles

Including traditional Hawaiian, Popular music from the Standards through 60's 70's 80's etc to Country, Blues, World and Folk. Contemporary pop from Lily Allen to Radiohead including Jason Miraz, Paolu Nutini and Eddie Vader. Anything is possible!

Learn to read songbooks

Learn ukulele tablature, chord symbols and standard music if you want

Understand music

Learn how to make your own chord shapes, understand how chords go together, learn scales and improvise melodies.




To book a place please contact me at or phone 07446 826703


VENUES: Rooms in pubs or private houses

Tuesday: BEGINNERS2  for anyone who already has experience of playing the ukulele for more than three months Click for details

This course will be 7.30-9.30pm starting on May10th in NW5. It costs £150 payable in advance. 

Wednesday: INTERMEDIATE  for anyone who already has experience of playing the ukulele for more than six months. Click for details

This course will be 7.30-9.30pm starting on May11th in NW5. It cost £150, payable in advance. 

Monday: COMPLETE BEGINNERS starting MAY 9th with trial workshop under no obligation.

This course will be 7.30-9.30pm and can be taken as 5 sessions (£75)or 10 sessions (£150) payable in advance. Click for details

If you are not sure which class to join please contact me for further details. If the class turns out to be at the wrong level, you can change during the term.

The venues may be subject to change if a pub has a function on etc

 Individual lessons

By arrangement for adults and children. Parents are welcome to accompany children in their lessons.


"Tim's teaching really got us up to speed very quickly and to a point where we were able to play the basic chords and strum a tune.  At the end of the first term, I was really chuffed with how much we had learnt and how far advanced our playing had got.  The weekly lessons are varied and fun and as they are held above a pub, it's a really relaxed atmosphere.The ukulele is a fantastic instrument for anybody to learn whether they have a lot of musical knowledge or not because it's just so much fun.”

Heidi (from the Complete Beginners Ukulele Workshop)

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For further information please contact: Tim

Phone: 07446 826703  Website


Experienced Player and Teacher.

Performed and taught since 1980. BA Hons Music.  Also performed in the ukulele band KoaSound.

Musical Director for “The UKULELE PROJECT” which was a sell out at the Underbelly in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010 see review and interview.

 Friendly personalised Tuition

Pick your favourite song and learn to play it. Learn to play solo pieces.